Deciding on a Good Sports Handicapping Service

In the first part of our series about finding a good sports handicapping service I covered some of the reasons why you should subscribe to a sports handicapping service.

In part two I addressed some of the things you might want to look for when considering how to choose a good sports handicapping service.

In today’s article, I am going to discuss some of the main reasons why people have chosen The Daily Sports Edge as their sports handicapping service of choice.


It has already been established, that based on the feedback of our Premium subscribers, the handicapping information we provide is without a doubt the most valuable service we deliver to subscribers.

“What makes your site so special is the information and game analysis that you all provide.”

But let’s be honest, there are other handicapping sites out there that provide information and analysis … maybe not that many and certainly probably not as good in terms of the information and in-depth analysis that we provide … but there are a few out there.

So, what separates DSE from every other sports handicapping site out there?


No one provides its subscribers with as much quality handicapping information, game analyses, picks, write-ups and expert advice at the price(s) we do. That’s just a fact!

Great value is our unique selling proposition. It’s what sets DSE apart from others … It’s what DSE makes a stand about

The quality and value of the information we provide substantially exceeds the price we charge for our service.

“As always, your pricing is the best in the industry for the information provided.”  – S. Crain


Obviously, trust is something you earn over time.

However, we strive to build that trust with our readers and subscribers by being open & honest, showing them we have their best interests at heart and by doing everything possible to deliver on our promises.

I’m usually not one to brag, but I believe we have done an exceptional job in earning our readers & subscribers trust, especially our Lifetime Subscribers – most who have been with us since we started the site in 2012. 

“I think it all comes down to trust. I know that you put in the work and I trust and believe that you would not recommend any games that you yourself didn’t believe in so that alone is good enough for me”. – P. Harris 

“I trust you guys and win or lose, your knowledge and perspective is what I’m looking at.” – L. Solaway 

As a business in a skeptical market, creating that sense of trust takes an ongoing commitment to integrity.

We strive to be transparent – for better or for worse – if we have a bad week (or season), when we make a mistake, we own up to it and work towards correcting things.

And something that is very important to me, since I am the customer service team, is we (I) strive to create a great customer service experience.

“I love the site. You guys care about your subscribers and have passion.” – S. Anderson


I was going to list this quality in the trust section, but a recent email I received made me realize just how important, and rare, a dependable sports handicapper can be.

A few days before the start of this year’s March Madness, I received an email from a past subscriber who had dropped us after our less than stellar 2016 college football season.

He wanted to know how much our March Madness package(s) cost because he needed a handicapper to follow for the tournament.

Apparently, the individual he had been following for the current college basketball season – and who had been doing pretty good until the last few weeks of February – just up and disappeared.

He couldn’t be reached by email, social media or on his web site. He was gone!

As I mentioned in the first part of this series, with the advent of the Internet, essentially anyone can claim to be a knowledgeable and successful sports handicapper.

But how many times have we seen the “hot” new capper come on the scene, have a great season (or two), decide to go out on his own only to experience a dose of “handicapping reality” and then just disappear?

As Lou Mannheim said in Wall Street, “Quick buck artists come and go …”


Whether it is to meet a need — not enough time to devote to handicapping your own games or you want more quality information in which to make a more informed decision – or to solve an issue like losing, I truly believe that DSE can help resolve all your handicapping needs and issues.



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