NBA 4/1/2019

Knicks/Bulls Under 215

I wish it were the 1990s because this would be a hell of a game at this time of the year!  Instead we are going to get two of the worst teams in the league, particularly offensively! 

Since March the Knicks are the least efficient scoring team in the NBA averaging 1.00 points per possession in 14 games.  The Bulls come in 5th worse at 1.07 during that timeframe and it has been getting worse as they continue to shut down more of their skilled players every week it seems.

Both teams rank in the bottom 10 in length of offensive possessions.  Which would explain why the Knicks are averaging just over 98 points per game in their last 12.  The bulls haven’t scored more than 103 points in any of their last 4 games.  I just picture this as a brutally, ugly game to watch, just place your bet and check the box score in the morning for a 103-97 type of score.

Also, since so many players are out for both teams they will be playing a lot of new guys who have something to prove and fighting for a spot on the team next year.  Although these teams have nothing to play for, I think you will still get the hustle which will show up more on the defensive side of the ball from a lot of these 2nd unit type players.  Where they will struggle more is scoring the ball.  We all know if you can score in the NBA you would already be getting playing time.  It is and has been an offensive league for quite some time now.

Good luck!

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