New York Nick 2021 NFL Week # 7

Colts +4.5

San Fran is on a 3 game losing streak, and now will start a different QB for the third straight game, as they go back to Jimmy G after Trey Lance got the nod the previous game. His health is an unknown, but what is known is All Pro TE George Kittle is out on the IR.

At this point in the season for some teams it makes sense to disregard stats from the early season, as injuries or changes in personnel and scheme alter the makeup of a group as the season progresses… and with Carson Wentz banged up in training camp it’s no surprise the Colts started out slowly… but in the last three games Indy has the following offensive ranks:

#2 yards/play

#7 yards/rush

#1 yards/pass

I’ll take the team playing well with the stability at QB getting the points over the team that’s struggling who’s playing musical chairs at QB

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