2021 SEC Football Pick of the Week: Week Nine

October 29, 2011; Jacksonville FL, USA; Florida Gators offensive line and Georgia Bulldogs defensive line on the line of scrimmage during the second half at EverBank Field. Georgia Bulldogs defeated the Florida Gators 24-20. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE

That’s how we rebound.

Ole Miss’ 31-17 win over LSU, in a game that wasn’t even that close, improved our record to 6-3 on the season. The Tigers scored two touchdowns late in an attempt at a backdoor cover but Lane Kiffin and Co. was having none of it.

So we move on to another skinny slate of games. Like last week, this weekend’s slate is part of the bye week rotation. So there are only four games to choose from.

And it breaks my heart.

Week nine…

SEC Pick of the Week: No. 1 Georgia (-13.5) vs. Florida in Jacksonville, 3:30pm ET on CBS. 

Oh man.

I just don’t know.

I’ll be there though, as always. I haven’t missed a Florida-Georgia game in a long time. My traveling party to this game every year is a few Bulldogs. I’m the lone Gator. I don’t mind though. We’ve gotten them a few times over the years.

But this one, ugh, yeah, that defense though. I think the tables have turned.

Then again…

My heart tells me that the Gators can keep this close, pull out a win or they’ve got a shot.

But business is business.

The Bulldogs take this.

Upset alert: No. 12 Kentucky (PK) at Mississippi State, 7:00pm ET on SECN.

This game is a pick ’em and for good reason.

The Wildcats are due for a downer in the conference. An unexpected loss, per se. And it feels like Mississippi State can deliver on that, especially at home.

To me this truly does feel like a 50/50 game. I can see both teams winning by 14 and I can see both teams winning it close.

Keep an eye on: No. 10 Ole Miss at No. 18 Auburn (-2.5), 7:00pm ET on ESPN.

Bo Nix has been playing the best football of his career since the loss to Georgia. So like Kentucky above, he seems due to regress. Even throughout his career he has historically played much better at home than on the road, he has flipped that script and has just played well.

For the most part.

All that really means is that he has just limited his mistakes.

I really think the spread is on the wrong side though. I don’t think Bo Nix can keep his pace up. The Rebels could blow this wide open.

Trending up: Tennessee.

Through three quarters they held their own agaisnt the Crimson Tide. Despite never beating Nick Saban since he’s been at Alabama, they have played him close.

I’m not saying that the Vols are ready to challenge Georgia (or Florida or Kentucky) in the East division and I don’t believe in quality losses (for example, this year Florida vs. Alabama) but I mean it could have been worse, right?

Any positivity in that program has got to be good. Especially when there is possible or probable NCAA sanctions on the horizon.

Trending up II: Alabama fans smoking cigars in the stadium.

Wait, we’re allowed to do this? Awesome!

Trending down: Alabama’s special teams.

If there’s a weak link in the Crimson Tide it’s their special teams. Against the Vols it was on full display. They had a blocked punt, a missed field goal and a really bad roughing the punter penalty.

Special teams, except for the kick return aspect, at Alabama have never been great under Nick Saban so who knows if it’ll come back to bite them later in the year.

Trending down II: 3rd and Grantham.

Always and forever.


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