New York Nick 2021 NFL Week # 6

Dal/NE u51

(Can play all the way down to 48.5)

NE went under first four games of the season but went over last week 25-22 as the lines makers moved the total all the way down to 39.5..!! Now back up to around 51 with Dallas and their explosive offense.

NE is #6 in yards/play defensively and #27 yards/play offensively so a perfect recipe for unders with a very good defense and a poor offense.

Against a similar Tampa Bay offense (great QB and WR corps) the total was 49 and the game ended 19-17. And since Tom Brady left last year NE is 14-6-1 to the under in the past 21 games.

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One thought on “New York Nick 2021 NFL Week # 6”

  1. Tom Fennell says:

    whats the record so far

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