2021 SEC Football Pick of the Week: Week Five

Whew, that was a close one.

The Kentucky Wildcats survived three turnovers from an abysmal offense in their 16-10 victory over South Carolina in a game that should see the tape of it destroyed.

With that being said, they did manage to cover the point spread so we move to 4-1 on the season as we’re now officially beyond the quarter pole.

Another week of the season is upon us, so let’s get to it.

Week five…

SEC Pick of the Week: No 10. Florida (-9.5) at Kentucky, 6:00pm ET on ESPN. 

For some reason this is a trendy upset pick. I get that the Wildcats have played the Gators close in recent years, especially in Lexington. But teams that struggle with Chattanooga and South Carolina typically have no business staying in football games with teams as talented and playing as well as Florida is at the moment.

Throw in the fact that Anthony Richardson has finally recovered from his hamstring strain and is good to go this week after missing the last two games. He’s the difference maker.

The last three matchups in Lexington have been 14-9, 28-27 and 29-21 for the Gators. Also of note: the Gators haven’t lost in Lexington since the early part of Ronald Reagan’s second term of office as President.

That trend will continue.

I like the Gators by at least two touchdowns.

Upset alert: No. 8 Arkansas at No. 2 Georgia (-18.5), 12:00pm ET on ESPN.

I’m all in on the Razorbacks this year. Well, scratch that. I’m all in on the future of the Razorbacks under head coach Sam Pittman. I first said it early last year and have said it again this year, these Hogs are different.

They play tough, they play together and they aren’t scared of anyone. But you know who else is tough? Georgia.

Despite a few questions on offense, if you want to nitpick, they are rolling. They are the clear second-best team in country. Their defense is downright nasty and quite honestly they are lucky this game is at home.

Georgia should win this game but Arkansas could easily cover the spread. If this game was in another year or two, I might be calling an Arkansas win outright, but for now, keeping it close will have to do.

Keep an eye on: No. 22 Auburn at LSU (-4), 9:00pm ET on ESPN. 

LSU is favored in this game and for good reason. In the battle of the Tigers it is LSU that is coming off a conference win (against Mississippi State) and is playing the better football.

Auburn, who struggled mightily against Georgia State in their 34-24 win last Saturday, needed a 4th down completion to take the lead late in the 4th quarter. LSU meanwhile held on to win after a late charge from the aforementioned Bulldogs in their 28-25 win.

There’s a push going on at Auburn to start LSU transfer TJ Finley at quarterback but there’s a reason why he transferred. He’s not as good as LSU starter Max Johnson, son of Brad.

Plus, Auburn just fired their wide receivers coach.

And weird things happen at night in Death Valley.

Be careful with this one.

Trending up: Georgia.

I firmly believe that Alabama is the best team in college football this year. Sure, they might pick up a loss during the regular season (see above) and that’s still not going to change my opinion before the conference championships and playoffs start but…


What they did to the Vanderbilt Commodores in their 62-0 win was borderline criminal and it wasn’t even their fault. The Bulldogs are good. Really good. Their defense gave up 77 yards in the game and had a running clock (seriously!) in the fourth quarter.

They’re clearly the second-best team in the country and the gap to number three overall is wide.

But come on, man.

A running clock in a conference game is an embarrassment for all and the previous Commodore coaching staff should be given show-cause bans for the state of that program.

Trending down: Derek Mason.

I’m not done talking about this. I really don’t care one bit what Derek Mason does for the rest of his career, but his legacy is ruined. Sure, he oversaw their winless campaign last season but this year is just atrocious.

It makes me sick. And I’m not even a Commodore fan. I know a couple and I feel for them. I feel for those kids who are trying their best. Maybe the only comparison is SMU in the late 1980s when they had to resurrect their program due to the unjust death penalty given to them by the NCAA.

They were overmatched like Vanderbilt was and are. The Houston Cougars came oh-so-close to scoring 100 points in 1989 in a 95-21 win in which they had just over 1,000 yards of offense.

That’s what this game felt like. Georgia was up 35-0 before Vanderbilt could even catch their breath. The Bulldogs had eight touchdowns to the Commodores’ four first downs.

I could go on and on, but it’s time to stop. Here’s to Vanderbilt picking up a conference win at some point this year.


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