2021 SEC Football Pick of the Week: Week Three

Nov 2, 2013; Columbia, SC, USA; The South Carolina Gamecocks flag is ran across the endzone after a score during the game against the Mississippi State Bulldogs at Williams-Brice Stadium. The Gamecocks defeated the Bulldogs 34-16. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Woo Pig Sooie!

Before we get to our results I wanted to give a special shoutout to the Arkansas Razorbacks who showed Texas just what they can look forward to when they officially join the greatest conference in the country.

Like Arkansas, we picked up a win as well thanks to Kentucky covering against Missouri in their 35-28 victory on Saturday night. We’re 2-0 on the young season and we’re definitely looking to get to 3-0 or 4-0.

There are a few big games this week, including a monster conference game and a pretty decent out of conference matchup taking place in Pennsylvania.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Week three…

SEC Pick of the Week: South Carolina (+32) at No. 2 Georgia, 7:00pm ET on ESPN. 

Let me start of by saying that by no means do I think that South Carolina actually wins this thing. They will not. While I understand that upsets do happen – two years ago, the Gamecocks actually won this matchup – this game is different. And I don’t care who plays quarterback for the Bulldogs.

What gets me is the points. That’s a lot of them. Thirty-two points is a heck of a lot of points to be giving up, especially in a conference game.

I could easily see this game ending up around the likes of 38-10, 42-14 or even 35-6. In none of those scenarios do the ‘Dawgs cover the spread. It’s going to be hard to do.

So take the Gamecocks and the points.

SEC Pick of the Week II: Mississippi State (-3.5) at Memphis, 4:00pm ET on ESPN2.

I’ll be the first to admit it: this one is all a out SEC rules. The SEC is going up against a Group of 5 school? Sure, I’ll take my guys.

Memphis can’t stop the pass this year and the Bulldogs run the Air Raid offense. This could get ugly. The one surprise this year has been the Bulldog defense. They actually have one this year.

It’s early, but this isn’t the Memphis we’ve been used to seeing the last half decade and Mississippi State is growing, albeit slowly, under Mike Leach.

I’ll take #HailState but almost two touchdowns.

Upset alert: No. 1 Alabama (-15) at No. 11 Florida, 3:30pm ET on CBS.

I don’t know if Florida is going to win but I do think there’s a chance they keep this one close. They could also get blown out too, but I think the chances this game is close is higher than the one we’ll talk about in a minute.


Anthony Richardson.

The quarterback is dynamic and I really don’t think college football has seen someone like this since Cam Newton. He can and probably will take the Gators to heights they have seen in over a decade but that’s likely a year or two away.

Alabama is loaded again and despite the fact that Bryce Young has never seen an environment like The Swamp – let’s not pretend Bryant-Denny is anything close – I think he’ll be fine.

If this game was taking place in 2022, I’d take the Gators all day long. This year, there’s just a chance they’ll keep it close.

Keep an eye on: No. 22 Auburn (+6.5) at No. 10 Penn State, 7:30pm ET on ABC. 

Is Penn State doing their white out thing?

While it looks cool, Auburn and quarterback Bo Nix have been through hostile environments before. I’m not the biggest Bo Nix fan, but he’s not going to be rattled by 60,000 Penn State fans.

Happy Valley doesn’t really have much on Death Valley, The Swamp or Sanford and it’ll show.

If good Bo Nix shows up the Tigers will be fine. If bad Bo Nix shows up, Penn State could squeak this one out.

Trending up: Arkansas.

There’s been some chatter that the Razorbacks are the second-best team in the SEC West after their 40-21 victory over Texas last Saturday.

I don’t know about all that. They are a solid, fundamental football team that plays to their style under Sam Pittman.

I still think a few losses come their way as the season progresses. A game to look forward to: November 13th in Death Valley against LSU. That game could easily be Ed Orgeron’s last stand.

Speaking of…

Trending down: Ed Orgeron.

I know they won and all but something is off. Things just don’t feel right in Baton Rouge. Ed Orgeron is in trouble and I don’t think he survives. The ship is sinking.

Sure he’s got a national championship, but so did Les Miles. LSU doesn’t care about all that as the seasons continue. Since winning it all in 2019 with arguably one of the best teams in the history of college football, the Tigers are just 6-6.

I get the feeling that he’ll need to get to 10 wins this year and next to have any hope of keeping his job.


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