2021 SEC Football: Summer Rankings, Win Totals and Early Predictions

Our second post for the upcoming 2021 season will serve as a bridge until we get into fall practice.

As for what it entails, well, let’s just shoot from the hip. An attempt basically,  through my eyes at ranking how I think the SEC looks like after spring practices and heading into the fall.

The biggest post-spring news definitely comes from Tuscaloosa. Henry To’o To’o, the talented linebacker from Tennessee is transferring to Alabama in an attempt to ply his trade for Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide.

Elsewhere though…

George Pickens, Georgia’s all-world wide receiver tore his ACL in practice and may or may not play this fall.

Florida’s Emory Jones may or may not be able to throw the ball with any accuracy at all. LSU has no idea who will be their starting QB and Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher just can’t keep his mouth shut.

You know, just your typical SEC headlines.

Anyway, let’s get to the reason why you’re here. We’re going to rank the teams of the SEC by win totals. To keep things simple, I’ve rounded up to the nearest half game.

SEC East:

  • 1. Georgia, 10.5 wins.
  • 2. Florida, 9.5 wins.
  • 3. Kentucky, 7.5 wins.
  • 4. Missouri, 7 wins.
  • 5. Tennessee, 6.5 wins.
  • 6. South Carolina, 6 wins.
  • 7. Vanderbilt, 3 wins.

SEC West:

  • 1. Alabama, 11.5 wins.
  • 2. Texas A&M, 9.5 wins.
  • 3. LSU, 8.5 wins.
  • 4. Ole Miss, 8 wins.
  • 5. Auburn, 7 wins.
  • 6. Arkansas, 6.5 wins.
  • 7. Mississippi State, 6.5 wins.

A couple of things stand out.

Florida and Georgia are the class of the east. But we already knew that. I think what hurts the Gators here is that they get Alabama and LSU from the west while the Bulldogs get Auburn and Arkansas. Georgia was very close to and probably should have gotten an extra half point.

Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee are all close and South Carolina is just behind Tennessee. The difference: both Tennessee and South Carolina have new head coaches and the Vols probably have an edge here for one major reason, they don’t play Celmson.

Out in the west, despite Jimbo Fisher’s boast, Alabama is in a class by itself. Texas A&M is the clear second while LSU and Ole Miss should fight for third.

Auburn, Arkansas and Mississippi State are the lowest tier of the west and it should be a battle. Both Auburn and Arkansas play Georgia but I think that Mississippi State and Mike Leach are another year away.

Again though, this isn’t necessarily how I think the final standings will look. Florida could easily win the east by beating Georgia in Jacksonville and Auburn could pass Ole Miss with a better conference record.

I’m also pretty sure that I’m undervaluing Mississippi State a bit, at least according to other metrics. They could honestly win anywhere from 6-8 games and I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

Again though, here are some make or break games for the projected favorites beginning with the east.

  • Georgia: Clemson, Auburn, Florida
  • Florida: Alabama, Georgia, LSU

I have Georgia as slight favorites against Clemson, slight underdogs against Florida and a decent favorite against Auburn. As for Florida, I have them as slight underdogs against Alabama and LSU and slight favorites against Georgia.

Now for the west…

  • Alabama: Florida, Texas A&M, Ole Miss
  • Texas A&M: Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss
  • LSU: Alabama, Texas A&M, Florida
  • Ole Miss: Alabama, Texas A&M, Mississippi State

The west figures to be much more competitive than the east, although Alabama is the class of the division.

Alabama is a slight favorite against Florida and Texas A&M and a decent favorite against Ole Miss. Texas A&M are underdogs to Alabama, a coin flip against LSU and favorites against Ole Miss.

LSU are underdogs to Alabama and Texas A&M and slight favorites against Florida, while Ole Miss are underdogs against Alabama and Texas A&M but are favorites against Mississippi State.

No matter what, it should make for an interesting fall. Speaking of that, we’re about three months away from the beginning of the season.

Is it time for fall practice yet?


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