2019 SEC Pick of the Week – Championship Game

Well, despite one my worst years making picks here at DSE or The Saturday Edge – if you’ve been following us here for that long, I still finished with a winning record at 10-8.

Moving forward though, we’re now into championship weekend. And just like every single other year, the SEC leads the way in that they could very easily receive two bids/selections to the college football playoffs depending on a couple of different outcomes throughout the weekend.

SEC Pick of the Week: No. 4 Georgia vs. No. 2 LSU (-7), 4:00pm ET on CBS in Atlanta.

As a Gators fan I feel like that having seen both these teams up close and personal this year that LSU is the better team. The Gators finished 10-2 with their losses coming to LSU 42-28 and Georgia 24-17.

And I stand by my belief that the Gators played their worst game of the season against Georgia and hung with LSU for over three quarters despite missing half the defense, the Gators would win a rematch against either of the two.

Having said that, LSU has the much better offense and the likely Heisman Trophy winner in Joe Burrow and their defense while not quite as good as Georgia’s can get the job done.

I think they will and I think that there’s a chance this game is over quickly. The Bulldogs can’t afford to get into a shootout as they need to bring back the style of three yards and a cloud of dust, toss sweep, ground and pound and grind that clock.

Unfortunately for the Bulldogs, I’m just not sure if they can go blow-for–blow with the Tigers like Florida and Alabama did until they both ran out of gas. The Bulldog offense for whatever reason this year has been in somewhat of a funk.

I just don’t see it Georgia, sorry.

LSU wins big, 38-20.

Trending up/down: Coaching jobs.

We’re going to just go-ahead and combine this section into one as it pertains to the open coaching jobs within the conference because it’s all about the rumors baby.

Arkansas, Missouri and Ole Miss are all looking for head coaches at the moment and from what I’ve heard Bob Stoops, Lane Kiffin and the like have been “linked” to the jobs respectively.

Yeah, probably not going to happen, though Kiffin to Arkansas or Ole Miss is probably interesting – personally I think he’d be better at Arkansas as it should be fairly easy to win there – but hey, shoot for the stars y’all, shoot for the stars.


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