30-Days of MLB for FREE!

That’s right! Get the next 30-days of our MLB Premium Subscription Package for FREE! Here’s how:

1. Go sign-up for a FanDuel account (must be a new account) using this link:  www.fanduel.com/dailysportsedge

2. Deposit $10 … FanDuel will also add $5 to your account … we’ll reimburse you the initial $10 deposit via PayPal.

3. Make a play (any play for any amount) in your FanDuel account and we’ll give you the next 30-days of our 2019 MLB Premium Service for FREE.

4. After you have completed those three steps, just send me an email at pezgordo@dailysportsedge.com and I’ll get you set-up. 

That’s it!

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2019 CFB Premium Pick Results 

BEST BETS           25-29 (46.30%)
GOSOONERS       39-34 (53.43%)
PEZGORDO          51-44 (53.68%)
SABER                   47-40 (54.02%)
YTD RECORD      137-118 (53.73%)

2019 NFL Premium Pick Results 

THE ANIMAL        65-65 (50.00%)

2018-19 CBB Premium Pick Results 

Adam                            80-68 (54.05%)