Big 12 Football: Most Improved & Overrated Teams

We continue with our Big 12 Football Q & A sessions by taking a look at some of the teams that could show the most improvement over last season, and which teams may be overrated.


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15 thoughts on “Big 12 Football: Most Improved & Overrated Teams”

  1. Kevin says:

    I’m putting Texas in my big box of “prove it to me” right next to Florida State. Anybody who has Stacy Searles running their offensive line deserves to lose at least five games.

    • Pezgordo Pezgordo says:

      Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Again w/ poor Stacy Searles? LOL! I’m telling you, Texas (and probably FSU too) are going to win a minimum of 9, maybe 10 games this year. Both teams will be improved, both teams have the best defense in their leagues and they both have cupcake schedules.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • Kevin says:

        FSU probably will win nine games, but in the ACC that’s a disappointing year for them.

        In terms of Texas, they seem to have all the tools and I really, really like Manny Diaz on the defensive side of the football. That being said, Texas just seems to have been missing something the last couple of years. Maybe they get that mojo back this year but not without significantly improved QB play. Are you gonna bet on that happening?

        • GoSooners GoSooners says:

          With Texas I think we have to look at their schedule. It is so favorable that they can almost win 9 games just by default. They have by far the most favorable schedule in the conference. They get the two conference newcomers at home. And they get bye weeks before playing both TCU and their Big 12 opener against OSU and their new freshmen QB. Their only other true road games consist of Kansas (first year coach) and they end the season at KSU. Keep in mind that KSU won’t be sneaking up on anybody this year. And they have some holes of their own to fill on offense. Everything is in Texas favor this year. They won’t have to improve much to win 9 games this season. The Horns will still have some weaknesses. As mentioned the QB position. They are also thin on the OL and relatively inexperienced at LB. And they lost both of their senior kickers. But compared to the rest of the conference where teams like Baylor and OSU will be down a notch this year, Texas should be very competetive because they have the best defense. And more often than not, the best defensive teams win their conference, or at the very least competes for the conference championship. It was an abberation with OSU winning it last year with a weaker than normal defense for a conference champion. But much of that had to do with OU losing half of their defense to injuries.And Texas breaking in an entirely new coaching staff. Things will be much different this season.

  2. exokie says:

    Seems we have overlooked KSU (Snyder) and OSU (Gundy) These could be great surprise teams along with WVU and TCU.

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