The 2018-19 Potential Bowl Running Dogs are NOW AVAILABLE!

The legend of THE SATURDAY EDGE’S bowl running dogs continued to grow last bowl season as the Potential Running Dogs (PRDs) were barking LOUD and ended the bowl season at 9-3 (75%), their second best season EVER. And the actual bowl running dogs went 12-3 (80%).

Back in 2006 I “discovered” the running dogs theory and GoSooners and I began tracking the results. Here is my original article explaining the Running Dogs Theory. GoSooners and I introduced the Potential Bowl Running Dogs on our Saturday Edge site during the 2012-13 bowl season.

To say that the results have been spectacular is an understatement. Here are the results of the past 12 seasons:

2006-07: 7-3

2007-08: 10-4

2008-09: 9-4

2009-10: 7-5

2010-11: 5-5

2011-12: 6-8

2012-13: 5-3

2013-14: 5-6

2014-15: 13-2

2015-16: 5-7

2016-17: 6-6

2017-18: 9-3

12-Year Total: 87-56 (60.84%)

Our 2018-19 Potential Bowl Running Dogs are now available.

Get everyone of our 2018-19 Bowl Picks, including our complete list of Potential Bowl Running Dogs for the LOW PRICE of:


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