New York Nick 2021 NFL Week # 4

NYG +7.5

The Giants are 0-3 with their last two losses coming on FGs kicked on the final play of the game, as Washington beat them 30-29 and then Atlanta beat them 17-14 last week.  Some might say that they’re two plays away from being 2-1, which is kinda like saying “If my grandma had wheels she’d be a tricycle”!!

But for our purposes it does mean something, as the Giants are playing more like a 2-1 team than an 0-3 team, when you compare them to the Jets and Jaguars.  I don’t think a 2-1 NYG team would be getting +7.5 to a 2-1 Saints team, especially with their horrible offense.  Their offense is like rush hour in NYC… stuck in place and not going anywhere!!  Just take a look at the rankings the Saints have compiled:

29TH Yds/play

27th Yds/pass

27th Yds/Completion


The Giants offense ranks ahead of the Saints in all of those categories, as well as 3rd down conversion percentage… I don’t believe you can lay more than a TD when your offense ranks as one of the worst in the league.

Giants are 10-1 ATS as a road dog

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