New York Nick 2021 NFL Week # 3


In the first two games for the Cards vs the Titans and the Vikings, the totals were listed around 51/52 depending on when you played it.  But there’s something very different between the first two opponents and this week’s opponent, the Jacksonville Jaguars, but yet the total is essentially the same.

The Titans boast a veteran at QB, the leading rusher in the NFL the last two seasons in Derrick Henry, and Pro Bowl WR AJ Brown and stud Julio Jones.

The Vikings are led by a veteran QB, All Pro RB Dalvin Cook, and the runner up last year to Offensive ROY in WR Justin Jefferson.

The Jags..??  They have a rookie QB, stugotz at RB, and three WRs named Who, What, and Why..!!

Early east coast kickoff could help make for a sleepy performance for the Cards, and you need both teams to score big to go over such a high total…

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