2020 SEC Football Pick of the Week – Championship Game

That was both good and bad.

It was good in that Georgia easily covered the spread in their win over Missouri which means that we’re now 8-7 on the year. The win also makes us 53-38 overall since 2015.

And it was bad in the sense that well, we’re going to have a long explanation a little later on in this post. I’m sure y’all can figure it out.

Anyway, championship game…

SEC Pick of the Week: No. 1 Alabama (-17) vs. No. 7 Florida in Atlanta, 8:00pm ET on CBS.

Instead of both teams competing for a spot in the playoffs we have just Alabama playing for seeding.

And big thank you goes out to Gators defensive back Marco Wilson for that.

We’ll have a lot more on him later but for now let’s discuss how the Crimson Tide are just going to demolish the Gators.

The Gators, following their loss LSU last Saturday are sure to be deflated. It’s going to be hard for them to get ready for this game knowing just how close they were to be playing for everything.

It sucks. It really does.

Could they shock the world? Sure. But now I just don’t see it. Had they beaten LSU I thought their chances were about 50/50. Now, not so much.

Mac Jones, Devonta Smith and Najee Harris are just going to run through (and pass) the Gators defense that has fallen apart the last two or three weeks after finally showing signs of life in November.

There’s just no way they play that perfect game. Alabama wins it.

Upset alert/Keep an eye on: No. 5 Texas A&M at Tennessee and Ole Miss at LSU.

We’re not profiling these game but just reminding you that those games are scheduled to be played.

Georgia and Vanderbilt is postponed, err, canceled. And I guess that Missouri at Mississippi State is still on as well.

Trending up: More games.

For the first time ever there are multiple SEC football games on the day of the championship. Coronavirus delays have allowed for appetizers, basically.

Texas A&M and Tennessee, LSU and Ole Miss, and Georgia and Vanderbilt are just a few of the games that are scheduled to kickoff before Alabama and Florida meet for the crown.

Which is a million times better than watching the Big 10 or Big 12 championship games or you know, just waiting around.

Trending down: Marco Wilson.

I’m 36 years old. I’ve been watching football my whole life. My earliest football memory is either watching Emmitt Smith running in those ugly all-orange Gators jerseys or it Steve Spurrier getting hired and they were just showing highlights. The line between those two have become blurred as the years have gone by.

Or maybe it was watching the Super Bowl with my dad as our Washington Redskins just absolutely wiped the floor with the Buffalo Bills. I still remember him saying a few minutes into the game, “Buffalo is pumped up for this.”

And then just like that it over.

Anyway, speaking of “our” and all of its connotations, I have never seen a player do something so selfish, so dastardly, so ridiculously childish than what Marco Wilson did near the end of Florida’s loss to LSU.

I rarely, if ever, have blamed a single play or player for the outcome of a game win or lose. But this one cost the Gators everything. Literally.

Just after a critical third-down stop, Wilson notices the LSU player’s shoe and for some inexplicable reason decides to pick it up and throw it twenty yards down the field.

And then proceed celebrate the tackle.

And then the flags flew from every direction.

In a game such as that, where a loss eliminates you from the playoffs not even a five year old would do that. Let alone a senior and a team leader.

There’s just no excuse. Nothing he can say or do will ever make up for it. If he opts out for the remainder of the season nobody would be mad.

I’m sure he feels bad. He absolutely cost the Gators their season and more than likely cost quarterback Kyle Trask the Heisman Trophy. He should feel bad.

He’s not an “our” or one of us. He’s just an outsider. He might as well have just gone to Florida State as far as I’m concerned.


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