2020 SEC Football Pick of the Week – Week Fifteen

We just keep on moving on in 2020 don’t we. Last week we split our games thanks to some garbage time Volunteer touchdowns, another game in the SEC is postponed this weekend and yet another conference catered to a big time program.

We’re 7-7 on the season and despite a rise in Covid-19 cases we’ve got no plans to stop there.

Week Fifteen…

SEC Pick of the Week: No. 9 Georgia (-13) at No. 25 Missouri, 12:00pm ET on SECN. 

The Bulldogs have been a completely different team the past two weeks and a lot of that has to do with the change to JT Daniels at QB.

There are some people out there who think this one has a chance to be close, mostly because of how Missouri played last week and the fact that they’re ranked for the first time in what seems like forever.

I’m not one of those guys.

The Bulldog defense is playing better and lead the SEC in yards per play and total defense. I fully expect this one to get out of hand by the middle of the third quarter at the latest.

Uga for the win.

Upset Alert: Auburn (-7) at Mississippi State, 7:30pm ET on SECN.

Bo Nix on the road. Ugly.

But it’s not like Mississippi State is anything either. Head coach Mike Leach is a guy who will allow a program to burn to the ground before his rebuild commences.

But No Nix is just downright dreadful on the road. He’s just not a very good QB.

And besides, who really roots for Auburn anyway?

Keep an eye on: LSU at No. 6 Florida (-23.5), 7:00pm ET on ESPN.

Did that escalate quickly or what?

The Tigers are done. Finished. And that was before their self-imposed bowl ban for this season. Opt-outs and player unrest and that’s before we even get to who will actually play at QB.

The Gators meanwhile will be looking for a few style points for a couple of reasons. I think the Gators take this one rather easily and will probably regret not making this a pick of the week, but let’s go Gators!

Trending up: Jones vs. Trask.

The Heisman Trophy race will in all likelihood come down to Alabama quarterback Mac Jones and Florida quarterback Kyle Trask.

Now obviously as a Gators fan I’m rooting for Trask and I think he’s got a great shot at it but the politicking for Jones is probably going to outweigh the stats. Even though Trask has done more with less.

And the conference championship game will probably be the tiebreaker.

Trending down: Big 10.

What a trash conference. What a bunch of trash teams. Does anybody really respect the Big 10? What a joke.

Leave it to those bums to change the rules in the middle of the game.


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