“Shorestein Says” 2019 NFL Week 17 Pick

“Shorestein Says” Picks of the Week:  Each week I select between 3-5 of my favorite games and do additional analysis on them.  I’ve highlighted the “Shorestein Says” picks of the week in yellow.  Read below for my in-depth analysis.  **2019 “Shorestein Says” Picks of the Week are 31-32 ATS.  72-57 since last season (55.81%) **

Oakland @ Denver -3:  Drew Lock has had an impressive start to his young career.  He’s starting off on the same page with stud receiver Courtland Sutton.  In his 3-1 start, he’s had some solid numbers:

Keep in mind that the Chiefs game was played in blizzard conditions….

What stands out to me here, is that he has shown the ability to exploit bad defenses.  The Chargers, Texans, and Lions have ranked near the bottom in pass defense for the majority of the season.  To go along with that theme, the Raiders are the kings of bad defense.  Oakland can’t stop any semblance of a passing game.  They are getting ready to finish the year with another 100+ defensive passer rating.  The Broncos have issues on the offensive line, but I don’t think Oakland can take advantage of it.

Denver’s defense has been consistent all year.  There is a lot of promise in that unit, and I’d expect them to finish the season strong.  Fangio needs to get a W here to convince management to bring him back.  The Raiders, on the other hand, don’t really have anything to play for and are coming off a win at LA. I think it’s likely that they’ll come out flat following a satisfying win against a division rival.

Washington +11 @ Dallas:  The Dallas Cowboys are cooked in my opinion.  Playing under a lame duck coach, I think an early score could start up the busses for Jerry Jones and the Boys.  There is no heart on this team, and I don’t care that they are playing an inept Redskins roster.  I just don’t think Dallas deserves to be laying double digits against anyone.

Case Keenum has been fine in his starts this season.  If you’re looking for a QB to lead you to an 8-8 season and cover a double digit spread without winning, this is your guy.

Since he’s been hurt, the Redskins have found some success running the ball.  This is exactly where Dallas has been vulnerable.  I also like Terry McLaurin on the outside.  He’s shown some great running and had a nice rapport with Keenum in the brief action that they saw together.  I’ll take my chances with Keenum and the points.

Good Luck Everyone!

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