2019 SEC Pick of the Week – Week Six

This now just getting embarrassing.

Texas A&M struggled mightily against Arkansas on Saturday, winning but not coming close to covering the point spread and as a result we fell to 2-5 on the year and 36-28 since 2015.

We’re now heading into the sixth week of the season and it’s definitely time to pick up the pace.

So, without further ado…

Week six, with two picks…

SEC Pick of the Week: Utah State at No. 5 LSU (-27), 12:00pm ET on SECN.

I know things happen in college football. Crazy things. As JFK once said, “Why does Rice play Texas” – I know it was a reference to the space race with the Soviet Union, moon landings and launching satellites, but really, why do they?

Anyway, unlike Appalachian State and Michigan in what, 2007, Utah State has no chance. They’re about to get obliterated. It’s going to be nasty. The only way it isn’t is if they get caught up looking ahead.

But this seems like a different Tiger team than those of years past. Something is afoot. It’s strange, I agree.

The Tigers roll in this one which is pretty much just a tune-up game for next week as they welcome the Gators to a night game in Death Valley.

SEC Pick of the Week II: Troy at Missouri (-24.5), 4:00pm ET on SECN.

The Tigers are heating up. After a slow start to the season (Wyoming, really?) they’ve been on a roll as Kelly Bryant has looked good in Barry Odom’s offense.

Which of course means they’ll beat my Gators once again later on this year. Sigh.

For now though, they’ll just have to settle on taking out the Trojans. Which, for the record, is a top five nickname for an athlete program in the country in terms of it just makes sense. Troy. Trojans. You know?

Missouri wins big.

Upset alert: No. 7 Auburn (-3) at No. 10 Florida, 3:30pm ET on CBS.

I really, really …. really want to take the Gators here as one of the picks of the week. I really think the Gators have a chance to win.

Bo Nix is going into the toughest environment he’s seen to date and probably will for the rest of his career. The Swamp is going to be absolutely electric – kind of a shame this isn’t a night game.

The main reservation I have with the Gators in this game? Their offensive line. The Tigers have one of the better defensive lines in all of college football and the Gators’ offensive line is almost just offensive. They couldn’t even get their act together against FCS foe Towson.

It might be the difference. But I have a feeling the Gators will be just fine.

Keep an eye on: No. 3 Georgia (-24.5) at Tennessee, 7:00pm ET on ESPN.

In the last fifteen years or so an unranked Volunteers team has beaten a ranked Bulldogs team twice. Both of those games were in Knoxville. And where is the game this year? Knoxville.

I’m not saying it’s going to happen this year, all I’m saying is that it’s happened before.

Then again, two years ago in Knoxville, Georgia won 41-0. So who knows.

Trending up: Arkansas – Texas A&M rivalry.

In what is turning into one of the better conference games since the 2012 expansion, these games are close.

Sure, the Aggies have won all eight games but three have gone into overtime and another two have been decided by less than a touchdown. Out of the last six that have been played in Arlington, Texas, all but one has been a one possession game.

The Southwest Classic is good and I’m already looking forward to next year.

Trending down: SEC students.

Let me get this straight Georgia. You honestly expect to get a seat, a good seat, when you show up 20 minutes before kickoff? Really? Lol.

We’ve all heard about Alabama’s issue with their student section. Hello GPS.

As for Florida students, yeah, where y’all even at?


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