Razors MLB 09/25/2018

Orioles/Red Sox:

The Boston Red Sox did everything they needed to on Monday night, not only clinching first place in the MLB, but also setting a franchise record with 106 wins. What do you think the mood is like today? 

Well I guess when you are playing the absolute worst team in baseball, anything can still happen. However, I think it is safe to say that Boston’s work is done and there is a sense of relief. While a team will probably not want to lose rhythm coming into the playoffs, also keep in mind that the club should be in party mode coming off yesterday’s celebrations. 

Lineups have not been released, and David Price is still expected to start tonight’s game. Let’s face it though. There should be no seriousness in that Red Sox dugout tonight. 

Despite talent levels and unknown lineups, +271 is an extremely generous moneyline for a game that will feel like an exhibition game. If Baltimore has any dignity, they will care to win this one. 

Orioles moneyline +217  1*



As things come down to the wire, the Colorado Rockies have shown that they are actually quite good at handling the pressure of playoff races. However, they still sit a game and a half back from the division lead, and half a game back from the second Wild Card. As they remain in a similar situation from yesterday, things will continue to be challenging.

The Philadelphia Phillies are bringing Vince Velasquez to the mound. Despite his last 7 starts being subpar, Velasquez operates on a very Coors friendly tight arsenal, consisting of a high velocity fastball backed up by a slider. I expect the Rockies to be reaching a little here at bat as the playoff race dwindles down more and more significantly each day.

Chad Bettis will be getting a spot start for the Rockies tonight, but it will be a pitch count controlled outing somewhere between 30-50 pitches. This will likely be a strategically managed bullpen session to keep the Phillies offense at bay. 

All in all, I believe that this will be a tough game for both offenses to naturally adjust to. 

UNDER 11  -108  2*



Like the Red Sox, the Oakland Athletics will be playing the most relaxed game of the season tonight. The analysis is the same, as Seattle can perform naturally with absolutely nothing to play for, and the A’s will also be able to operate naturally with nothing to play for for tonight at least..but with likely a much weaker lineup. Get on it. Click action to avoid a pitching change void. 

Mariners moneyline -107  2* 


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